Chili Walker

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HOMETOWN:  Upstate New York

HOBBIES/SPORTS: New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, Poker, Cigars, and Living the JEEP Life

BANDS/ARTISTS I’VE MET: I’ve been lucky to meet so many, but a few of my favs were: The Pretty Reckless, Van Halen, Halestorm, Elvis Costello, KISS, Metallica…..the list goes on!


FAVORITE ARTISTS: I believe there is a music for every mood, so I have a very wide collection…Everything from KISS, Black Sabbath, Lisa Loeb, Charlie Daniels, Chris Stapleton, The Police, ZZ Top, Styx and sooo much more!


VACATION SPOT: Flint, Michigan

MOVIES/TV: love stupid movies: Strange Brew, Spaceballs (actually all Mel Brooks movies), UHF, Dumb and Dumber, etc.

FAMILY: I’ve got two cats

BRUSH WITH GREATNESS THAT DIDN’T GO WELL: I scared Debbie Gibson off an escalator (oh her manager grabbed her & pulled her away) truth be told, I was a bit drunk (ok, more than a bit) and I yelled DEBBIE!!! from the bottom of the escalator, she was at the top and was gone by the time I got up there!