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Racing Rocks! (Sunday 8-10am)


House Of Hair (Sunday 7-9p)

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Pugh Furniture Warehouse Showrooms
1320 Smith St., Charleston

Better Quality Furniture at Prices You Want To Pay!!!


Hanger 19 (Sunday 9-12a)

Hangar 19 relives the glory days of classic metal and features music from the artists who built this explosive genre. Hangar 19 stops down from the speaker-shredding nostalgia just long enough to highlight new metal in a weekly “Then and Now” segment and to interview the metal greats that helped mold the metal movement.

Catch it Sunday Nights starting at 9pm.

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Crossfit - Never Give Up

Crossfit - Never Give Up
located at 1101 Jefferson Rd in South Charleston
phone - 304-989-3242

This is real fitness community, unlike any other gym you have ever been apart of, that will help you be your best!
Crossfit takes workouts from different sports & combines them into the most intense work outs you have ever attempted - but you will feel great after its all done!
Doesn't matter if your in great shape, or haven't done anything active in don't compete against others, you only improve yourself!!! Give Crossfit a try!!

** Warning ** you may become addicted to this style of fitness!!

Check out the Reebok Crossfit Store for all kinds of apparel ,gear and Nutrition!

And Never Give Up Conditioning for all the gear you need for your own killer home gym

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